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Brownell Book Club: 4th Edition

Bookworms gather ’round. Welcome to fourth edition of Brownell Book Club! (Click to the first, second, and third editions) Our Brownell Advisors share their most recent and recommended reads, whether it be the perfect plane read, or just the right book to gain a little inspiration before a big trip.

“Just got back from Hawaii and currently reading Moloka’i: A Novel. I’ve always been interested in the history of the leprosy colonies on this island and a flight attendant recommended this book to me. So far, can’t put it down!” Brownell Independent Advisor Claudia Austin

H is for HAWK by Helen MacDonald (nature and birds).” Brownell Independent Advisor Rebecca Falkenberry

“Just plucked out of the mailbox…Safari: A Memoir of a Worldwide Pioneer, by Geoffrey Kent (accompanied by lots of photos!)” Brownell Independent Advisor Irene Quisenberry

“I’m reading/listening to The Gatekeepers on Audible. The history of our chiefs of staff: when that position came into play and how it has molded policy and history. Not travel- I know, but fascinating. I also will be picking up Good morning, Mr Mandela after this. It was a recommended read by sales manager of the Saxon. It’s memoirs written by his former personal assistant.” Brownell Independent Advisor Alysia Hopper 

Blood Brothers, a history of the politics and conflicts in Nicaragua and the US involvement. Great read and very interesting.” Brownell VP, Atlanta Martha Gaughen

“Dan Brown, Origin, great so far.” Brownell Independent Advisor Marion Harbison

“I “second” Origin – I LOVE Dan Brown and this time it had a great setting in Spain! I just started Paris In The Present Tense by Mark Helprin and so far it is excellent.” Brownell Independent Advisor Sandy Grodsky

“I read Origin while visiting Bilbao and Barcelona in October – the perfect reading companion for those destinations. My guide in Iceland recommended Independent People to truly understand the people of Iceland. I’m looking forward to reading that over the holidays.” Brownell Independent Advisor Sam McClure

“Cannot recommend a Gentlemen in Moscow enough! And also Little Paris Bookshop.” Brownell Senior Marketing Coordinator Austin Vollmer