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The Brownell Advantage

There are many advantages to working with the oldest travel agency in North America, and our deep relationships with the very best luxury travel companies in the world is chief among them. We are a top producer and “preferred” partner with the world’s best cruise lines, hotels and resorts, tour operators and destination management companies. Our contacts are, more often than not, the owners and chief executives of these companies and that means you have a voice all the way to the top.

We are members of virtually every affinity club and preferred partner program that is important to our clients. This translates into very special treatment, benefits, access, amenities and savings for you. These programs offer our clients rare and exclusive opportunities not available by booking directly, through websites such as Expedia and Travelocity, or through other travel agencies.

We have a saying at Brownell travel, “You can’t VIP yourself!” Imagine calling a reservations agent at a hotel and saying, “I am arriving at your hotel on June 1 and I am very important. I would like for you to recognize me by name, and have a small gift waiting for my twin sons. I would also like complimentary breakfast in my room each day. Please let the General Manager know that I am arriving, and I expect him to recognize my stay with a hand-written note delivered to the room.”

You may not be comfortable requesting that type service, but we are. Our partners welcome our guests with personalized service and treat them as welcomed friends, not reservation #34vb8734-09. When a reservation is made for a Brownell Traveler, our contacts on the ground stand a little straighter and shine their shoes a little brighter.

Please click the links and watch the video below for more details on what our preferred partner advantages mean to you.






*Brownell is a fee-based travel agency, and most advisors will charge a fee for trip planning services, including single night hotel bookings. The fees vary depending on the advisor as well as the length, number of passengers, and complexity of the trip.