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Hosting Program

At Brownell, our primary focus is to help you build and grow a successful business. Our independent contractors can operate under their own brand identity while leveraging Brownell’s vast industry connections and a deep level of support.

And our independent advisors aren’t simply successful – they make 4x the industry average.

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Why Brownell?

Why Brownell?

Founded in 1887 as the first travel agency in North America, Brownell has not only been pivotal in the evolution of the industry but also paves the way for the future of travel. Brownell Independent Advisors are privy to the knowledge, experience, relationships, and community that come with more than 135 years in business.

Our team is dedicated to our advisors’ success, and in turn, they are more successful while enjoying a better lifestyle than any other advisors. And the best part, our hosting program allows entrepreneurs to leverage the established Brownell brand while maintaining their own brand identity and autonomy to build their own successful travel business.

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Industry-leading advisor revenue average sets a new standard

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Our hosting agency’s secret to success lies in our commitment to providing exceptional support to our independent advisors. We maintain a ratio of one support member for every five independent advisors, ensuring that our advisors receive the personalized attention they need to thrive in the industry.

This level of support, combined with our proven strategy for success and holistic approach to entrepreneurship, sets our hosting agency apart as the premier choice for luxury travel advisors.

Interview with Brownell's Kerry Dyer

Brownell’s Chief Development Officer, formerly VP of Talent Development, explains why Brownell’s travel advisors make more than the national average.

Interview with Kristen Meckem

Independent Travel Advisor Kristen Meckem explains many ways in which Brownell’s Hosting Team helped grow her business with different types of administrative, marketing and business development support.

What does it cost to join the Brownell Hosting Program?

Depending on which program (hosting or mentoring) is the right fit for you, there is an initial startup investment for on-boarding, but no on-going monthly or annual fees. Virtuoso does have minimal fees to participate in their personalized marketing campaigns, and you will have an annual liability insurance premium which is paid directly to the insurance underwriter.

How is Brownell different from other Hosting programs?

While there are many ways that the Brownell Hosting Program stands apart from the typical program, the two key differentiators are the community and support. We have Independent Advisors spread across the United States and Europe, and through our technology, our team can easily share information and work together for mutual success. Brownell also offers our independent advisors endless support. From the Hosting Support Team to our marketing and accounting, we are dedicated to helping you grow your business.

Do I receive training?

YES, yes, and yes! Learning, sharing, training and growing advisors’ knowledge and expertise is core to the Brownell hosting programs. In addition to Brownell’s deep database of recorded business development classes for advisors, we offer in-person and online interactive training programs to suit lots of different learning styles. Brownell offers support and resources for a variety of professional travel agent certification programs, including the Travel Institute Certified Travel Agents, Certified Travel Counselor, CLIA’s Master Cruise Counselor and more. The options for earning professional certifications are almost endless, depending on your interests and specialties.

Will I receive marketing support?

As much as you need or want. Brownell has the largest marketing team of any Virtuoso Agency. Consider them your dedicated marketing and PR firm and your secret weapon. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing firm, you will have access to customized collateral, social media content, newsletters, certificates, client gifts and more. Brownell’s marketing has more than 30 years combined experience in the luxury travel industry. Brownell is also a Virtuoso Member agency, giving you access to the powerful Virtuoso Marketing tools and publications.

What is Brownell’s commission split?

The commission split varies based on your annual income, and ranges between 70% to 90%.

Do you offer a 100% commission rebate program?

No, we do not. We’ve studied this business model very carefully and cannot offer this option and continue to offer the high level of support for our independent associates. In order to offer a 100% commission rebate, we’d have to eliminate many of our support systems that have made us the best luxury travel host agency in the business, and we’d also have to require our advisors to do a lot of their own accounting work. We offer the finest support systems in the hosting industry and handle your accounting work, commission collections and tech support so you have plenty of time to sell.

What are Brownell’s commission rates with vendors?

We are among the leading luxury travel sellers in the USA, and we are at the top level of commissions with most vendors. One of the differentiators between Brownell’s model and 100% Commission Rebate models are that our advisors are paid what we earn with suppliers, whereas many 100% Commission Rebate agencies keep 1-3% commission as back-end overrides.

Does Brownell offer commission collection services?

Our process for collections is second to none and we consider it a source of pride and competitive advantage. Less than 1% of commissions earned by advisors and associates go uncollected. That means more money goes in your pocket, and sooner. Many host agencies put the onus of identifying and collecting commissions on their agents. Many times, with penalties, sometimes up to 100%, if not collected within a narrow time frame. We believe your commissions are YOUR commissions no matter how or when they are received, and we employ a full-time person who is dedicated to collecting commissions on your behalf.

Am I able to operate under my own name and branding?

Absolutely! Not only do we encourage our associates to use their own brands, but we also offer brand-development, awareness and promotion services. Your brand’s success is our primary focus.

I am not a GDS user, can Brownell help me book air for my clients?

It’s our philosophy that air planning and booking is an essential component to a well-rounded, luxury itinerary. However, SABRE scripts and GDS codes are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea! Brownell has a dedicated team of experienced international and domestic air specialists to book air for your clients. Easy, right? It gets better. You earn the commission on the tickets. Since the inception of our “Air Desk” many of our independent advisors have earned tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

What perks and benefits will I be able to extend to my clients?

As a Brownell Independent Advisor, you are privy to many programs that will directly benefit your clients. Brownell is a Virtuoso agency, so your clients can access Virtuoso amenities at hundreds of hotels around the world. Additionally, Brownell is a preferred partner of the top hotel, cruise, and tour operators. Through these programs, like Ritz-Carlton STARS, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Belmond Bellini Club, Mandarin Oriental Fan Club, and Dorchester Diamond Club, you can access even more exclusive benefits, amenities, and promotions for your clients.