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As Virtuoso’s first Hosting Program, Brownell has established itself as the industry leader, and we take the success of your business very seriously. Our team works closely with our advisors to make a plan that fits their unique model and goals. We help them with their business’s development, growth, and ongoing marketing. While our team of experienced assistants works as the extension of your office and our Air Desk and Insurance Desk make you more valuable to your clients, you’ll find our support invaluable to your success.

From marketing to accounting to a dedicated hosting team, the ratio of the support team to advisors is 1:4.95 – the highest in the industry.

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Business Development

The Brownell Hosting Programs venture far beyond the word “host.” We believe our primary function is to support you in growing and developing a successful, professional travel firm. Our team will work with you on an annual business review; comprehensive sales, client, supplier, and productivity reports; goal-setting and benchmarking, and much more.

Airline Services

When it comes to air, most travel advisors either love it or hate it. Determining the best airline, route, schedule, category of service, and price for your clients can be time-consuming and confusing – especially when some variables change at a moment’s notice. Our Air Desk comprises some serious air gurus with extensive experience with Sabre and Worldspan. They can recommend the best routes, schedules, category of service, provide 24/7 air support for clients traveling, and have access to contract air rates. Plus, our Independent Advisor will receive their commission split from air.


The world is forever changing – that means the travel industry will also be forever changing. To be a successful travel advisor, you must be ready to evolve and adapt. It’s hard to break away from your day-to-day, but Brownell makes it easy to keep learning and growing with ongoing training. From a simple 30-minute webinar with a new onsite or training on marketing to invoicing to a one-on-one training session with a knowledgeable support team member, we provide plenty of training opportunities for our independent advisors.

Laura Heidt, Brownell Academy 2019

Insurance Desk

Travel insurance is a complicated, but necessary, aspect of planning travel. Each client – and trip – brings a unique situation, we often have endless questions about how exactly to handle travel insurance. Our Insurance Desk can handle all things travel insurance, including provide insurance quotes; purchase policies; answer insurance-related questions; process insurance claims and communicate directly with clients.

And just as important as what the Insurance Desk does is who the Insurance Desk is – Laura Heidt. With a 15-year career at Travelex and MedJet, she is not only an incredible resource of travel insurance knowledge but she also knows the right questions to ask and who to go to for anything we cannot answer.

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Though managing your business is just as important as growing your business, tracking your sales, income, and commissions can be complicated and time consuming. But as a Brownell Independent Advisor, you have our experienced accounting team working to ensure that you have a finger on the health of your business while you optimize its performance.

Our accounting department works tirelessly to be sure you are likely to actually receive the money you’ve earned. Brownell is the only host agency that employs a full-time person dedicated to collecting outstanding commissions, and our commission collector has an exceptional track record – we collect 98% of all outstanding commissions!

Marketing Team, Brownell Academy 2022


Marketing is essential to establishing your unique brand and growing your business, and hiring a marketing firm can be expensive and time-consuming. Our in-house marketing team offers various complimentary marketing services, from monthly social media content calendar and email marketing campaigns to more comprehensive marketing strategy and reporting. They will work closely with you to develop a plan that makes sense for your unique business.