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Luxury Travel Advisors Since 1887

The ability to explore; the curiosity to seek out unknown places and experiences; nature’s exotic beauty and the undeniable energy of a bustling metropolis—these are the fundamental forces that give shape to our very purpose. For over a century, Brownell Travel has designed life changing adventures that enrich the soul.

Our depth of knowledge into the intricacies and nuances of travel—from the mundane to the profound—is why our clients build generation-spanning relationships with our travel advisors. Our partnerships with the finest institutions of hospitality, dining, and touring reach into every corner of the globe. There is no where we haven’t been, no one we don’t know, and nothing we can’t do to make your trip unforgettable. Become part of the Brownell family and let us take you there.

Enriching lives through exceptional travel experiences.

Our Values

  • Passion: We believe deeply in the transformative power of travel.
  • Integrity: We are committed to honesty, trust, and transparency.
  • Graciousness: We treat everyone with kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness, and work to make the world a better place through positive action.
  • Innovation: We challenge our ideas of what is possible, embrace creativity, and strive to be leaders in the industry.
  • Excellence: We take ownership, hold ourselves accountable, and always strive to exceed expectations.
  • Curiosity: We actively pursue new knowledge, listen with empathy, and cultivate an open-minded culture.

Discover More

Winner of the Innovation Award, Best Client Experience at Virtuoso Week in 2017, Discover More™ is Brownell’s trademarked approach to travel design.

Phase one: Discover

Together, we will uncover your vision for the perfect trip.

Phase two: Design

We work hand-in-hand to develop an itinerary, perfectly tailored to you.

Phase three: Connect

Your reservations are finalized, but your travel advisor team remains engaged with you and our partners.

Phase four: Experience

Bon Voyage! Discover the difference while traveling "The Brownell Way".

Phase five: Share

Welcome home! We relive the magic of your trip together through a post-trip interview.

Our History

Our History

We are proud of our history and heritage at Brownell. Take a trip with us back to 1887 when Walter Brownell and ten guests set sail from New York aboard the SS Devonia bound for Europe. Little did these intrepid travelers know that they would come to represent the roots of a legacy that has serviced more than 75,000 clients over a century later. Today, Brownell is the leading luxury travel firm in the country. That’s not something that happens overnight. Though our story reaches back to history, our embrace of modern technology and commitment to service will propel us into the future.

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