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How Does the REAL ID Act Affect You

If you’ve traveled recently, you’ve probably heard rumblings of the REAL ID Act. But what does it all mean? We’re answering everything you need to know about how the REAL ID Act affects you. What is the REAL ID Act? The REAL ID Act implements new safety standards for traveler identification and airport security throughout… Read More >

9 Myths About Traveling to Africa

If you’ve traveled to Africa, you know how lifechanging the experience can be. But for those who haven’t been, it can be hard to understand what a trip is really like thanks to the many misconceptions about Africa. Our partners at Africa Inscribed have been designing itineraries for our clients for years, and they know… Read More >

6 Ways to Enrich Your Life Through Travel

Travel can be transformative and has the power to open our minds and our hearts. When we explore the world, we learn about the people and places that surround us while also learning about ourselves. Although the ways travel enhances our lives are countless, we’ve rounded up 6 ways to enrich your life through travel…. Read More >


6 Things to Know about Silversea Cruises

If you haven’t taken a Silversea cruise (or any cruise for that matter), you probably don’t know exactly what to expect. And if you do have expectations, chances are Silversea is different – and in the best way!). Get the inside on what to know about Silversea Cruises below. Service is Going to Be Tops… Read More >

7 Ways to Reset When You Travel

With endless to-do lists and constant activities, life is stressful enough. So when you travel, make it a point to get away from the busyness and enjoy the moment. We share our top ways to reset when you travel below. Put the Phone Down We repeat: Instead of checking Instagram and Facebook, look at… Read More >