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Educational Travel

At Brownell, we know that the best way to learn about a destination, hotel, or cruise line is to actually experience it first-hand. And while most agencies go on FAM trips, we go on educational trips to deepen our knowledge of the world.

To make it easier for our Independent Advisors, we established our Educational Team that finds the best opportunities and manages invitations to educational trips with our partners. And we’re not just talking about an opportunity every few months for only the top producers – we offer more than 90 opportunities annually to the entire community. In some cases, Brownell even has funds set aside to help cover to cost of Educational Travel.

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Brownell Exclusive with Africa Inscribed, 2023

Brownell Exclusive Educational Trips

At Brownell, what sets us apart are our exclusive educational trips, which are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our travel advisors. Our exclusive educational trips offer the best experiences in a destination, partnering with the best local providers to create unforgettable experiences. They provide the opportunity for our travel advisors to build strong relationships with partners on the ground while also participating in “ungoogleable” activities and moments. The value of being on these trips with other top advisors is immeasurable, as they learn from each other as much as from the destination itself.


These trips also help our advisors grow professionally and stay in the know. With curated access to people and experiences, such as meeting a royal in London or having a $3,000 dinner with a geisha, our advisors have the knowledge and access to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Brownell Advisor on a personal EDU in Patagonia


The second type of educational is one which you design yourself. If there is a particular property or destination you feel the need to visit, you can work with our contacts to set up site inspections for the destination. Our extensive network of industry contacts and resources makes it easy for our travel advisors to plan and execute these customized educational trips tailored to their specific needs and interests.


This access allows our advisors to gain valuable firsthand knowledge of a destination or property, which they can then use to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their clients, giving them a competitive edge in the luxury travel market.

ILTM North America, 2023

Travel Industry

As a leading luxury travel agency, Brownell Travel understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. One way we do this is by attending the most important luxury travel conferences throughout the year. These conferences offer opportunities for networking, education, and professional development. As a result, Brownell Travel advisors gain invaluable insights and knowledge that they can then use to better serve their clients.


From ILTM North America, Pure, and LE Miami to ILTM Europe and Emotions Buenos Aires, our advisors have access to all the important luxury travel events.