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Tips for Choosing the Right Host Travel Agency

It can be challenging.

You’ve determined you need a host travel agency but finding the right one for you and your business can be a challenge. We asked a few of our independent travel advisors to share their advice for choosing the right host agency below. Along with our travel professional guidance, their insight will help guide you in this process of finding a host agency that will provide the support you need to be a successful travel advisor. 

Company Culture

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Look for a host agency with a company culture that fits your business style well. Do their core values align with yours? Understand what each host agency prioritizes and make sure it matches your focus. 


“For me, the Brownell DISCOVER MORE process was a perfect mesh with how I was already doing business. I knew immediately that Brownell and I had the same core values, which to me is the single most important key to happiness in a workplace (or in this case a host agency).” – Sandy Grodsky 


Business Development & Advisor Support

Any reputable host agency will have a tried and trusted business model tailored to ICs. For example, if you are looking for ways to grow your business, opt for an agency whose primary goal is to support its advisors in growing and developing a successful travel business. Ask if they offer annual business reviews, marketing strategies, and coaching.


If you’ve been successful on your own or with minimal help from your existing host agency, you may not think extensive support is necessary. However, if your profits have plateaued and you aren’t hitting higher revenue numbers or want to elevate your business to new heights, think again! A dedicated Hosting Team, Insurance Desk, Air Team, Accounting Department, Marketing Team, and IT support will improve efficiencies, elevate how you cultivate and grow your business, and increase revenues.


“I love the hosting program because the support and education are amazing! The support team is so enthusiastic and passionate, it is a continuing inspiration. Makes me want to work harder and better!” – Catherine Whitworth  

Collaboration & Community 

As an independent travel advisor, it is easy to be in your own silo with little to no collaboration with others. However, just like how advisors’ support can help drive success, a community of travel advisors that collaborate is imperative and proves to be extremely beneficial. Ask a prospective host agency if their advisors work together, and if so, how? Inquire about what systems are in place to ensure seamless collaboration and whether or not their travel advisors freely share information.


“My whole Brownell family has been truly amazing. We share knowledge about destinations, current status, resolution advice, and moral support, as we are sometimes deflated. Everyone has truly helped out everyone.” – Anne Bluntzer


Some host agencies accept almost everyone into their program and others are very selective in whom they choose. If being a travel advisor is your full-time career, joining a host agency that selects travel professionals who share the same dedication, professionalism, and drive as yourself is essential. Being surrounded by like-minded people fosters success.

Supplier Relationships & Reputation

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Strong relationships with suppliers around the world can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Research which host agencies are preferred partners with suppliers you work with regularly. Beyond preferred partner programs, talk with suppliers to see how solid the relationships between various host agencies are.


“We love the company! The only negative we have with Brownell is that you spoil us. You spoil us with the quality of your advisors.” – Dylan Harris, Owner of African Inscribed. 


When you associate your business with a host agency, their reputation will also be tied to you…for better or worse. Those with a standout reputation can open doors, elicit faster responses, and build stronger relationships, simply because you can put “an affiliate of XYZ agency” in your signature line. Talk to suppliers and advisors to understand different host agencies’ reputations within the travel industry. Through the research process, you may find a host agency you really like; just be sure their status within the travel community is exceptional.

Commission Splits

It’s easy to get caught up in the commission split from the start but it’s key to learn about the big picture of a host agency before making a snap decision. Some agencies may offer a lower commission split, but an advisor could be missing out on higher negotiated commission rates offered by supplier partners at agencies like Brownell. And don’t dismiss the incredible value of extensive support that takes the strain off you and gives you more time to sell and plan travel.


Understand what you get with a 100% commission model vs. others, talk to current advisors in each program, and even crunch some numbers to get the full idea of the commissions. 

Crisis Management

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The travel industry is susceptible to all kinds of disruptions, like terrorism, natural disasters, and a global pandemic. Now more than ever, you want to know how potential host agencies handle crises both on a small and large scale. Talk to current advisors to see how the host helped during COVID-19. Did they communicate with their advisors, offer business support, help track outstanding commissions, and take other measures to ensure everyone will come out on the other side of this? 


As you decide on the perfect host agency, don’t be afraid to ask questions, be thorough in your research, and select a host agency that aligns with your core values and business objectives.