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Why I Book with Brownell


To say Morris Middleton has experienced the world is an understatement. This Brownell Traveler has tracked wildlife on African safari, sipped tea from the 57th floor of the Burj al Arab, stood under the shadow of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, explored tea plantations in Sri Lanka, celebrated Christmas in Paris, and many other adventures in between. And it that’s not enough, he’s embarking on an around the world journey in a few months. But even with his vast experiences, Morris utilizes the Brownell team to collaborate in planning his adventures. Below he shares why to book with Brownell. 

In the last decade I’ve been around the world solo several times — with the Brownell travel professionals stationed firmly at my side.  I would never consider leaving home without the 128-year-old Alabama-based travel organization and its host of experts standing behind me. With Brownell I have a vast array of advantages at my fingertips — before, during and after the journey — advantages to which I simply do not have access on my own.

Simple peace of mind experienced anywhere in the world is perhaps the number-one advantage of having been dispatched on one’s journey by Brownell.  With it, the traveler is never alone — whether Jeeping across the Australian Outback, streaking across a Burmese lake by motor skiff, tracking rare species on African photo safaris or ensconced happily under the covers in Paris’ nicest hotel. Not only is he as close to his travel advisor as a telephone, e-mail or text, but the Brownell labyrinth of warm, established relationships with local experts puts a worldwide travel network at his fingertips — anywhere he may venture on earth.

Morris in Auckland, New Zealand

Morris in Auckland, New Zealand

My Brownell travel advisor personally knows me, comprehends what I want from a trip and uniquely analyzes my travel style and history. Equipped with an array of travel specialties, she then enhances any roughed-out ideas I might have already come up with on my own. Presently, for example, I am returning to Shanghai. After booking my objectives there, my Brownell advisor then advised me of a three-day high-speed rail trip to the nearby ancient water capital of Hangzhou, an experience and destination that suit me to a tee — and one I previously knew absolutely nothing about.

Morris in front of the Sydney Opera House

Morris in front of the Sydney Opera House

With Brownell, I have insider access at a worldwide collection of five-star luxury hotels and resorts — quality international brands like Four Seasons, The Oberoi and Ritz-Carlton — many of which welcome me by name (and, amazingly, even occasionally stock their mini-fridges ahead of my arrival with my favorite soft drink). Perhaps my favorite of Brownell’s professional connections is its partnership with Virtuoso, which provides a traveler the greatest possible array of valuable and enjoyable luxury amenities — extras like complimentary upgrades to the next-better room category, free breakfasts and other useful food credits, courtesy spa appointments and more.

Because each trip is individualized, every destination can be tailored to my personal (and sometimes oddball) habits — quirks like, “no appointments before 10 am, please,” “I’ll need a mid-afternoon break by then,” and definitely no tour buses!  Brownell doesn’t require me to trek en masse to that Buddhist mountaintop shrine in Mandalay if I’ve already made a similar ascent in Chiang Mai. And it won’t adjudge me lazy or uncultured if I forego the museums in Moscow because I already have a day planed at The Hermitage when I arrive in St. Petersburg.

Sharing planning-stage conference calls with my Brownell advisor and hospitality specialists representing worldwide destinations, I outline in real time both my personality and my travel goals, and present pictures of what I’m seeking from a location. With that, these pros have come up every time with an array of amazing travel treats tailored specifically to me, my specialized interests and personal likings.

Ever have an issue with your airline or a hotel? Need a driver (or a train ride) from one side of a craggy Sri Lankan gulley to the other? Just contact Brownell — I’ve found there isn’t anything beyond its expertise. And this includes sound, knowledgeable advice on everything from booking medical evacuation jets to knowing what kind of clothes to pack, and where in certain Chinese communities I’m likely to find the most authentic hot-pot restaurants for lunch.

You can’t Google that. By the time it is all said and done, I’ve learned that the value of a trip tailored in collaboration with a Brownell travel professional exceeds anything I could have created entirely on my own — including those cheaper “do-it-yourself” alternatives that, once you get home, you sorely wish you hadn’t self-arranged.

Have I mentioned that shabby day trip from Cairo to Alexandria I once cooked up online by myself just to save a few dollars? Below par in every way — and with no trace whatsoever of that signature Brownell quality or the company’s rarefied brand of cultured customer service. Never again.

The moral to this and every quality travel story is simple. “Never Leave Home Without ‘The Brownell Advantage.’” It’s the best way to go. Anywhere.

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