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Southern Crossings

New Zealand is a destination that’s on just about everyone’s bucket list. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, the endless activities, the food & wine, or something else, New Zealand intrigues travelers of all ages. So, when you finally get to experience this incredible country, you want to do it right, and that’s where our partners at Southern Crossings come into play.

Since 1986, Southern Crossings has led the way for luxury vacations in the Southern Hemisphere. Their expertise and high level of service has made them one of our top partners. Learn more about the benefits of Southern Crossings below.

Why We Love Southern Crossings


The team at Southern Crossings doesn’t just want to know general information about each client; they understand our DISCOVER MORE process and collaborate with the advisor to really get to know the client so they can create the best travel experience possible.


It’s hard to stay up to date on a country that is thousands of miles – and hours of travel time – away. But the Southern Crossings team is on the ground and knows the newest restaurants, best hotels, top activities, and more.


In their 30+ years in the biz, they never repeat itineraries. Each trip is tailored to the client’s preferences, style, and interests to make sure it is an adventure of a lifetime.

Attention to Detail

When you’re traveling halfway around the world, you want to make sure your trip meets your expectations…Southern Crossings wants to exceed them. Their level of service and attention to detail ensures your trip is exceptional.

More about Southern Crossings & Brownell

Southern Crossings has been a longtime partner of Brownell, and their team has created truly incredible experiences for our clients. They share our core values of Passion, Integrity, Graciousness, Innovation, and Excellence, and in 2018, the Brownell team awarded our key contact at Southern Crossings the MVP award for Excellence. Southern Crossings has also been recognized by Virtuoso, Conde Nast Traveler, and Wendy Perrin.

Southern Crossings’ Sarah Farag (middle) winning the MVP for Excellence, pictured with Brownell VP of Marketing & Development Haisley Smith (left) and Brownell Executive Vice President Meg North (right).