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Mr. Travel Portugal

Since 2001, Mr. Travel Portugal has created tailor-made trips in Portugal for discerning travelers. Their goal is to make everything easy, from the planning stage to the trip itself. They understand our DISCOVER MORE process and collaborate with our advisors to make sure our clients have the very best experience in Portugal.

Mr. Travel Portugal Benefits


Many of their guides have been working with Mr. Travel Portugal for 5+ year, and they know how to make Portugal come to life for travelers.


From meeting a two Michelin-starred chef to visiting Portugal’s best winemaker, Mr. Travel Portugal can make things happen that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. Their connections are unparalleled throughout Portugal.


The Mr. Travel Portugal team stays up to date with the new hotels, restaurants, and experiences. Because they keep their finger on the pulse, they are able to deliver the most creative and white-glove itineraries for Brownell clients.


The team at Mr. Travel Portugal will work closely with you and your advisor to design an itinerary tailored to your preferences.

More About Mr. Travel Portugal

Mr. Travel Portugal was founded by husband and wife duo, Ana and Luis. With a passion for Portugal, they built a business centered around sharing their incredible country with travelers. Their experienced team works hand-in-hand with ours to curate exceptional travel experiences for our clients.

Why Portugal

When you think of traveling to Europe, Portugal doesn’t always immediately come to mind – and that’s what makes it so special. This beautiful, undiscovered country offers history, culture, food, and wine as well as warm weather and beaches. It is easy to explore Portugal thanks to its small size (roughly the same as Pennsylvania), so you don’t lose hours of your time away getting from one place to another.