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Iceland Encounter

For more than a decade, Iceland Encounter has been creating custom, bespoke experiences for travelers in Iceland. Their team works closely with our advisors to design itineraries tailored to each clients’ unique preferences.

Iceland Encounter Benefits

Expert Guides

Iceland Encounter’s carefully selected guides are the best of the best. They not only show all that Iceland has to offer but also bring a local’s perspective that brings the trip to life.

Authentic Experiences

Iceland is one of the most buzzed about spots, but their team makes sure you avoid the crowds and see authentic Iceland.

Insider Knowledge

The Iceland Encounter team knows what to see, when to go, where to eat, and how to handle the unexpected. It’s like having a friend that lives in Iceland!

More About Iceland Encounter

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Kristín Björnsdóttir and Erling Aspelund, Iceland Encounter is Iceland’s premier luxury travel provider. The team is passionate about sharing Iceland with travelers and is constantly exploring the country to stay up-to-date with new experiences and activities. Iceland Encounter is also dedicated to responsible tourism and strives to minimize tourism’s impact on the country’s unparalleled nature and wildlife.