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IC Bellagio

Italy is one of those destinations that stays on the top of travelers’ lists. Whether it is for a first or fifteenth trip, Italy has a way of enchanting travelers that keeps them wanting to return. And our partners at IC Bellagio are experts at creating exceptional travel experiences in Italy. Working as our on-the-ground partner, IC Bellagio has helped us turn our clients’ Italian dreams into a reality.



The team at IC Bellagio understands that it’s about what you want from your trip to Italy, and they work closely with you and your advisor to understand your unique interests and preferences.


For more than 20 years, IC Bellagio has crafted itineraries for clients around Italy. From knowing how to avoid crowds at top sites to the hottest new restaurants, their team’s first-hand experience and knowledge is unparalleled.

Peace of Mind

IC Bellagio thoroughly vets the destinations and activities they offer as well as the drivers and guides, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. And through IC Bellagio’s Guest Ambassador service, you have a personal, on-the-ground contact to help you 24/7 during your trip.


Founded in 1999 by Andrea Grisdale, IC Bellagio has established itself as a premier travel company in Italy. The company has been recognized by Travel + Lesiure and Conde Nast Traveler and is one of Brownell’s top travel partners. IC Bellagio has a deep understanding of our DISCOVER MORE process, and we work together towards our common goal of creating exceptional travel experiences.