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Open QuoteSherrie and Hannah, sending my special thanks and very best wishes your way for making the cruise Bill and I dreamed of a reality for me. Oceania went well beyond anything I could have ever imagined to make the cruise an exceptional one! The Captain graciously honored my husband Admiral William H. Stewart and his memory by inviting me to sit on his left at the Captain’s dinner. I was thrilled with the invitation and opportunity to join him! The food, service, suite, and excursions far exceeded anything I could have expected. Pampered, yes! Pleased beyond belief, absolutely!End Quote


Advisor: Sherrie Coffey

Open QuoteWhat a perfect trip Kristen planned for us! From transportation to tours to hotels. It all went smoothly and was fabulous. Her attention to detail and follow through certainly showed. I feel like I pushed not just the EASY button, but the HAPPY button as well!End Quote

-Martha M

Advisor: Kristen Meckem

Open QuoteWe are recently home from a three week holiday in Europe inclusive of London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, Switzerland and Germany. Sandy made this trip so unbelievably easy and fabulous. She had every attention to each detail so perfectly planned and the trip was simply amazing. The hotels were beautiful, the planned events fun and the travel to and from each destination completely flawless. I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone!End Quote

Advisor: Sandy Grodsky

Open QuoteThis past summer my two oldest sons and I made our trip to Greece, traveling there through Amsterdam with a return route through London. We are fortunate as this was our second trip to Europe and equally as fortunate in that this was our second time having it all flawlessly planned by Sandy. The attention to detail that Sandy provides to each leg of the trip is amazing. From car service at airports to flowers and champagne at hotels, from fabulous restaurants and the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly guides provided for points of interest to anything you may find you’re suddenly in need of during your travel, Sandy is a rock of reliability and a real superstar at what she does. We love you Sandy!End Quote

Advisor: Sandy Grodsky

Open QuoteTisha is simply amazing. She is a wonderful listener and put together an amazing trip which I will remember the rest of my life. As a matter of fact I am already thinking about the next trip she will help me with!End Quote

Advisor: Tisha Neufville

Open QuoteWe took our four children to London and Paris this summer. Julie planned our trip and we came up with an itinerary to maximize our time and still keep kids happy and interested. Her hotel recommendations were great and her connections got us a wonderful upgrade. Most importantly, she connected us to excellent guides/drivers. The guides come at a price but they are worth it. The guides saved us a ton of time by avoiding lines so we could fit more activities in each day. The guides were super knowledgeable and kid – friendly. My kids were entertained and listening even when we were traveling between activities. We had a fabulous trip! End Quote

-Holly Fesler

Advisor: Julie Jones

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