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Immersive Travel Experiences with Lakani World Tours

When you’re exploring a new destination, why only scratch the surface? With Lakani World Tours’ Small Group Tours, you can have immersive travel experiences that delve into the lifestyle and culture of the local people and give you a deeper understanding of the destination. These specially designed trips have only 8-15 guests and include just… Read More >

19 Destinations to Visit in 2019

A new year means new adventures! But where to start? We’ve rounded up our 19 destinations to visit in 2019 to give you some ideas. Southern Italy If you’ve “been there, and done that” when it comes to the major cities and regions in Italy, add Southern Italy (aka the heel of the boot) to… Read More >

How to Travel Like a Local in 6 Destinations

You’ve traveled across the world and are in a new country. Now it’s time to explore and experience the culture, history, and sites so you strap on your headset, meet up with a group of 50 or so, figure out what color the guide’s umbrella is (because you know you won’t be able to actually… Read More >

Adventures in Egypt

Egypt is one country that tops the buckets list of many people. Filled with ancient treasures positioned alongside modern cities, this country features sites that you’ve got to see in person to fully experience their magnitude. With the turmoil in the country over the past few years it comes as no surprise that people are… Read More >

How to Pack for a Long Trip

He’s experienced the mysterious lands of Myanmar; he’s spotted amazing wildlife in Africa; he’s seen the wonders of Egypt; and now Brownell traveler Morris Middleton is headed on a 30-day adventure through Sri Lanka and Southern India with a pit stop in Dubai! While he explores the beauty of the three countries, he’s going to… Read More >

The Explorer: Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

WHO: The Explorer WHAT: A gorilla trek that takes you through the rainforest WHEN: Dates vary; contact your Brownell Advisor for information WHERE: Rwanda WHY: Truly for someone who loves the thrill of exploring nature, this journey takes you on quest for the mysterious mountain gorilla. Rwanda, known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”,… Read More >