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Are you passionate about venturing off the beaten path and discovering experiences that few have done before? Adventure travel is about evoking adrenaline, excitement, and wonder through exciting and exotic itineraries. Imagine your interests around the world are taken to the next level, like heli-skiing in Zermatt, glacier climbing in Antarctica, and viewing the aurora borealis from your own personal igloo. Our advisors can craft a getaway that will allow you to explore hidden gems you can only imagine by embodying your inner sense of adventure.

What is Hiking like in the Copper Canyon region?

Many people do not realize that Copper Canyon is almost four times the size of the Grand Canyon. Hiking in this region can vary in levels of difficulty. Your Brownell advisor can help create a custom experience, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Can I climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Yes! We work with a local ground operator to help ensure our clients receive the best and safest guides to accomplish this feat. The guides are all trained in first aid, mountain craft, natural history, and ecological awareness. Our ground operator is also one of the few operators to carry oxygen bottles, portable altitude chambers, and multiple communication methods to ensure client safety. The mountain is best climbed in September and October and January or February. Our ground operator’s success rate with summiting is 95%. We recommend adding an extra day to your route to improve your chance of summiting. It is also important to remember that good preparation is essential.