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Once synonymous with tragedy and conflict, Vietnam is experiencing a massive change in reputation. Historical sites have undergone massive restoration, the economy is flourishing, and tourism is developing rapidly. Like some parts of Asia, Vietnam is where the ancient and modern coexist. Technology is present; however, many locals can still be found rooted in values or tending to rice farms in old-fashioned ways. Let Brownell help you discover a country on the return to modernity and discover more about the world you did not know before!

What is there to do in Vietnam?

A city of many sites and ancient monuments, travelers can find rich history in Vietnam. See the famous Ho Chi Minh city or visit the Buddhist pagodas around the country to learn more about Vietnam’s culture.

Is Vietnam safe for travelers?

As of recently, Vietnam is a low-risk destination for travelers. Having put massive efforts into its economy and travel industry, Vietnam welcomes travelers to discover the country’s destinations.

What is the official language of Vietnam?

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. English is also favored as a second language and is widely spoken throughout the country.