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United States

With a vast mix of landscapes, sites, activities, and cultures, the United States brings something new each time you visit, as each region has its unique charm. Visit powerful cities coast to coast, between New York and Los Angeles, or find yourself meandering along the red rock trains of the mountainous West. Head up to New England for coastal quiet luxury living, or travel south to Louisiana and Georgia for destinations with deep character and soul. The U.S. can be whatever your heart desires, perfect for a weekend getaway or a month-long excursion.

Advisors Specializing in USA

Julie Sudderth

Vivid Getaways
Dallas, Texas

Andrea Schubiner

Wanderful Journeys
Detroit, Michigan

Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy Travel
Tampa, Florida

Hayden Miller

Easterling & Miller Travel
Austin, Texas

Catherine Parkin

Catherine Parkin
Denver, Colorado

Marion McDonald

Marion McDonald Travel
Memphis, Tennessee

Michael Gaughen

M & L Travel
Atlanta, Georgia

Jessica Walker

Walks Around the World
Boulder, Colorado

Christine Serio

Christine Serio Travel
Charlotte, North Carolina

Donna Mills

Donna Mills Travel
Port Washington, New York

Catherine Denham

Catherine Denham Travel
Atlanta, Georgia

Mimi Lichtenstein

Truvay Travel
Hanover, New Hampshire

Karen McAlpin

McAlpin Travel
Orlando, Florida

Kathryn Burns

Kathryn Burns Travel
Birmingham, Alabama

Kirsten Morrison

Kirsten Morrison Travel
Seattle, Washington

Kelli Radcliffe

Radcliffe Travel
Mill Valley, California

Jane Braun

Saddle Hill Travel
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Kristen Wile Meckem

Kristen Meckem Travel
McMinnville, Oregon

Christy Menzies

Menzies Luxe Retreats
Darien, Connecticut

Helen Jordan

Jordan Luxury Travel
Phoenix, Arizona

Winn Harris

Winn Harris Travel
Guntersville, Alabama

Rebecca Falkenberry

Rebecca Falkenberry Travel
Tampa, Florida

Catherine Whitworth

Catherine Whitworth Travel
Athens, Georgia

Margaret Pratt

Margaret Pratt Travel
Memphis, Tennessee

Tracy Collier

Tracy Collier Travel
Richmond, Virginia

Kiersten Murnane

The Curatour
Atlanta, Georgia

Kristen Nix

Kristen Nix Travel
Whitefish, Montana

Lauren Jones

Solas Travels
Los Angeles, California

Sandy Grodsky

SG Travel Advisors
Greenwich, Connecticut

Pascale LeJeune

Pascale Travel
Seattle, Washington

Betsy Talbot

Travel by Talbot
New Orleans, Louisiana

Janine Dolan

Janine Dolan Travel
Hopewell Junction, New York

Katherine Gould

Katherine Gould Travel
Richmond, Virginia

Sarah Groen

Bell & Bly Travel
Houston, Texas

Nick Running

Nick Running Travel
Nashville, Tennessee

Sherrie Coffey

Sherrie Coffey Travel
Birmingham, Alabama

Megan Winslett

Megan Winslett Travel
Wilmington, North Carolina

Alli Cole

Alli Cole Travel
Honolulu, Hawaii

Caity Connors

Caity Connors Travel
Rumson, New Jersey

Kimberly Denison

Denison Travel
Meridian, Mississippi

Can I road-trip the United States?

Absolutely! Great for all travelers, road-tripping the United States is a great option to see multiple sites simultaneously. Allow your travel expert to help plan various stops across your route or curate an itinerary that fits your schedule and interests!

What are some sites to see in the U.S.?

If you’re looking to explore more of the U.S.A., see classic attractions such as Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, New York City, the Colorado Rockies, and more. Depending on your interests, our experts can help you plan a memorable getaway without needing your passport!

Do you need a passport to get to Hawaii or Alaska?

No, if you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport to travel to Hawaii and Alaska. In addition, you do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.