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Whimsical, exotic, and unlike any other destination around the world, Turkey is a place covered with magical delights and natural beauty. Bazaars, whirling dervishes, Greek and Roman ruins, historic mosques, and rich cuisine are just a few of the things you will find on your travels. Explore the caverns of Cappadocia, see the spice markets of Istanbul, or spend your time in the vacation town of Bodrum. With luxury partners all over the country and on-site tour operators to ensure your getaway is a dream, Brownell will help bring your ideas to life!

There is so much to see in Istanbul, should I rent a car?

Brownell recommends you book a local guide to help you navigate this sprawling city. The city is so big that is spans both the European and Asian continents! Traffic can be a major issue—it is best to sit back, enjoy the gorgeous scenery, and treat the traffic as part of the adventure! We work with our preferred partners in Istanbul to map out the best routes and agendas to maximize your time. You could easily waste 80% of your time in Istanbul driving across the city to and from the major sites at the wrong time of day. A local guide will know the best times and the best routes to visit the key landmarks.

What should I pack?

Dress smartly but comfortably. You won’t see any white sneakers on locals or other visitors but select comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be on cobblestones and marble for most days. Cotton clothing is also a good idea. It is also smart to pack a lightweight jacket or sweater, as it can get cool in the evenings. In Istanbul and the western region of Turkey, it is appropriate to wear long shorts, knee-length skirts, cotton trousers, T-shirts and polos, short-sleeved blouses, and sundresses during the day. For evening meals, a jacket and tie are not required, and an open-collared shirt with trousers is suitable for men. At the beach resorts, feel free to dress as you would at home.

What excursions do you recommend in Istanbul?

The most well-known (and sometimes touristy) landmarks are the Blue Mosque, The Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market, Tokpaki Palace, Dommo Bache, and Haggia Sophia. But, Brownell works with our Istanbul partners to recommend some lesser-known sites and experiences to our clients, such as a private tour of one of the city’s oldest underground cisterns or a visit to a reputable rug shop for a weaving demonstration and private shopping experience. We recommend you spend some time on the Internet reading about the attractions and options to find out what you most hope to experience. Providing this information to your Brownell advisor will ensure a custom and unforgettable trip!