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A place of wonder for everyone, Thailand is a mix of bustling, busy cities, to rich rolling countryside, or breathtaking beaches where white sands combine with towering greeneries. Visit Bangkok and experience a teeming city center where there is something to do at all hours of the night, or see ancient ruins and temples in the grassy fields of Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. If the beach is your calling, head to Phuket Island, a mountainous beach escape off the coast of the mainland. Speak to our experts with first-hand experience to start planning!

What should I pack?

It is important to note that Thailand is a conservative society and that all travelers should dress appropriately. When visiting temples, slacks are appropriate for men and longer-length skirts for ladies. Shoulders must be covered when inside religious buildings. Shoes must be removed when entering temples, and we advise everyone to wear a pair of socks. When visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you must ensure that both your knees and shoulders are covered. Heels must also be covered, so no flip-flops or open sandals should be worn.

What is the general rule of thumb for tipping and gratuities?

Tipping is entirely discretionary. In Thailand, tipping is not a regular practice. Hotels and restaurants usually had a 10% service charge, so it is not necessary to tip further. Taxi fares include the tip, but drivers will always be grateful for any loose change.

Is Thailand a good honeymoon destination?

Absolutely! At Brownell, we have seen a major trend of honeymooners venturing to Thailand. We can arrange for suites or villas with private plunge pools, and the spas are outstanding. There is also plenty to do, with an abundance of fine dining and historical landmarks. The shopping and local markets are also world-renowned.