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Known as one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, Slovenia is a blend of a variety of destinations. Take Bavaria, the Mediterranea Riviera, Venice, the Danube River, and the Balkans – to create the wonder of Slovenia. Find something that every traveler will enjoy, whether it is a luxury resort along the beach or a trek through the mountains. Slovenia’s natural landscape allows for a plethora of activities within the charm of many destinations. Find modern wonders or traditional villages all within a navigable country. You will not be disappointed.

Is there anything to do in winter in Slovenia?

Yes! Slovenia is known not only for its mountains but for its gorgeous lakes below and fantastic ski resorts. A variety of mountain ranges cover the landscape, and travelers are encouraged to visit and ski!

Is Slovenia a good destination for families?

Yes, Slovenia is a great option for families! A great year-round destination and the option to fill your itinerary with a multitude of activities, Slovenia is a great kid-friendly destination.

What is the official currency of Slovenia?

Located in Central Europe, the official currency of Slovenia is the Euro. Speak with one of our advisors to learn more about exchanging currencies before and during travel.