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A subregion in northern Europe with strong historical and cultural ties between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Scandinavia is a varied perception of territories. Scandinavia became notable during the Viking age, in which the people inhabiting this region focused heavily on colonization, exploration, and trading.

A place of lakes, mountains, and tundra, Scandinavia’s temperate climate welcomes adventure and curiosity. Watch the sky to see the aurora borealis from your personal igloo or cruise between the fjords of Norway for an extra special getaway.

Can I stay in an ice hotel?

Yes! These hotels really do exist and are actually quite prevalent in Scandinavia. We can arrange reservations in ice hotels in Copenhagen, Kiruna, Stockholm, and many other Scandinavian cities!

What is the best way to see the entire Baltic region?

We recommend taking a cruise! If you’re on the right cruise line, it can be the best way to see this beautiful region. You only have to unpack your bag once, and you get access to multiple countries and ports of call. Because of our preferred partner status with a few cruise lines, we can even offer all-inclusive pricing, which is important in this region, as prices have gone up in recent months for shore excursions and activities.

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

This natural phenomenon actually occurs year-round, but it is brightest and most visible from September through April. The optimum viewing time is from 11 pm-2 am. Keep in mind that the further south you go in Scandinavia, the shorter the Northern Lights season will be.