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Lush greenery, exotic animals, astounding waterways, and heart-stopping views of the seashore all characterize the land at the tail end of North America. In fact, if you ask any of Panama’s citizens what the name of the country means, they’re likely to tell you that Panama translates as “a land full of trees, fish, and butterflies.” It is a country teeming with breathtaking beauty – from colorful flowers to lush mountain landscapes – but these natural wonders are only one of many reasons to travel to Panama. Our luxury travel advisors help both novices and expert travelers alike select the best way to see and experience Panama – whether by land or sea.

What is there to do in Panama besides see the Canal?

Panama makes a great beach destination, but also has a multitude of activities and is perfect for the “soft adventure” traveler. Brownell can arrange zip-line experiences through the rainforest, private snorkeling tours, kayaking, or tours of the historical museums. Panama is also renowned for its world-class bird-watching.

Are the hotels closed during Hurricane Season?

No! In fact, Panama is the only country in Central America to be totally unaffected by hurricanes. This means, while many Caribbean islands may be risky to visit during Hurricane Season, you will never have to worry about a trip being cancelled due a Hurricane in Panama.

What is the currency?

Panama’s national currency is actually the U.S. dollar! This makes it extremely convenient for U.S. travellers, as there is no need for currency exchange.