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Safe, diverse, and home to exotic findings, such as a large cheetah population, Namibia is every explorer’s dream. Dry, although bordering the Atlantic Ocean, travelers can traverse coastal Namib Desert, the Central Plateau, or the Kalahari Desert. While there, hike the Sossusvlei, also known as the highest dunes in the world. With the country urbanizing rapidly, Namibia remains of an American and African population with German colonialism influence. With our trusted partners in Etosha National Park, see rhinos, giraffes, and of course, cheetahs.

What is there to do in Namibia? Does it seem like just a desert?

Besides the wildlife, Namibia is famous for its stark beauty! It has some of the most beautiful and interesting desert landscapes on Earth. Despite its seemingly barren landscape, a large number of wildlife exists in Namibia. Brownell specializes in flying safaris to remote areas. Visits to tribal villages, boating, and viewing rock painting are other popular activities.

If this is my first time in Africa, should I visit Namibia?

We actually do not typically recommend Namibia for first-timers going to Africa. It is more of an “advanced” destination and is perfect for those that have already been to Africa and want to return for their second, third, or even fourth visit!

When is the best time to visit Namibia?

For the best wildlife viewing in Etosha, June through October are the best months. For scenery and wildlife in other reserves, you can go year-round.