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Dotted with popular beaches along the Southern African Coast, Mozambique is known for its diverse and rare marine life, marine offshore parks, and colonial island ruins dating back to Portuguese rule. With Portuguese as the official language, Mozambique is heavily influenced by rich history. You can also find this influence in the traditional art there. Mozambique is the picture of exotic travel for those looking to adventure off the beaten path. With our specialists, discover the vibrant landscapes of Mozambique while on your tour through Africa.

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Is the water off Mozambique safe for swimming?

Absolutely. However, high tide and low tide make drastically different changes to the beaches around Benguerra Island. When the water is at high tide, you can wade for nearly half a mile before the water ever gets above waistline. During low tide, the ocean seems miles away. This can be a little disconcerting the first time you see it, but this drastic coastline change is the reason for some of the region’s unique customs, like the local tradition of fishing with spears in the shallow water or the way women carry their belongings on their heads and their babies on their backs.

What is the best time to see the Humpback whales off the coast of Mozambique?

You can see the humpback whales migrating just off the shoreline from July through September. In addition to the humpback whale sightings, Mozambique has a plethora of marine life. The island chain has been a marine reserve for 40 years and is a sanctuary to the rare dugong, a manatee-like sea creature.

Can I go on a safari in Mozambique?

We do not recommend Mozambique for game-viewing and safari. The quality of game viewing there is no match to neighboring Zimbabwe and South Africa. Mozambique is best paired with either of those destinations as a relaxing beach escape at the end of a safari. The beaches make it perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway, and the sand dunes and sea life make it a unique option for families looking for something off the beaten path.