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Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea along Northern Africa’s coast, Morocco is the home of diverse marketplaces and local entertainment. A cultural hub, you can find artisans selling locally made creations as well as find history within local architecture. Expand your palette by trying new dishes of the local cuisine and widening your view of the world within the vibrancy of colorful towns discover how you can experience the luxury accommodations available when we help you build an itinerary curated specifically for your party!

What is the standard tipping and gratuity in Morocco?

Taxi drivers do not expect tips, but it is polite to round up the fare. It is also a good idea to carry the business card from the hotel you are staying at and show it to the taxi driver. Set a price and have the exact change. But, do expect the price to change! It is often best to ask the hotel concierge to have their preferred taxi take you where you want to go and arrange the rate. Some taxi drivers will stay with you for the whole day for a great rate. A charge for service is often added to restaurant checks, but if it is not, a typical gratuity would be equal to 10% of the total.

What is the local currency in Morocco and do they accept the dollar?

The local currency is the Dirham, and roughly 7.4 Dirhams equal $1USD. It can sometimes be a hassle trying to locate an ATM that accepts your card outside of the big cities. It is also illegal to import or export Moroccan currency, so we recommend using ATMs when possible. You can also switch to the local currency at any bank, hotel, airport, or change bureau.

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

March, April, May, part of June, September, and October are the best months to visit because of the perfect warm temperatures in the south, with very little chance of rain and warmer evenings. In March and early April, the evenings and mornings can be a bit cooler.