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With the restoration of hundreds of old baroque buildings into hotels and cafes, Lithuania has attracted travelers curious about history, art, and culture. Through this transformation, many claim the capital, Vilnius, as the “new Prague” for its charming appearance. Find western accommodations, fashionable people, and nightlife scene there. Paired with rolling countryside and a large agricultural community, Lithuania is a place to enjoy both city life and quiet living. Explore the Baltic regions in one trip, or spend all of your time in Lithuania.

Is Lithuania a good destination for a family trip?

Yes! Lithuania is very kid friendly. Do not be alarmed to see unaccompanied children throughout your travels. Children often walk home from school, take public transportation alone, and babies often nap in strollers outside while parents enjoy a café.

What is the official language of Lithuania?

The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian. A Baltic language, more than 80% of the population speak Lithuanian as their first language. However, many speak English as their second and are quite fluent.

What is the best mode of transportation around Lithuania?

Lithuania has an extensive public transportation system of buses. However, Lithuania has a bus police, and riders should not ride the bus without a ticket. This may result in a steep fine.