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Shaped by fire and ice, over 200 volcanoes dot the rolling landscape and stark glaciers of Iceland’s terrain. Truly a unique landscape that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, Iceland deserves to be adventured. A quiet week’s life turns into a bustling nightlife scene in the city of Reykjavik, where young adults gather to have fun. Plan an itinerary inspired by nature, like swimming in the infamous Blue Lagoon or watching geysers and waterfalls as you hike, and mix it with nightlife and memorable cuisine. Let our experts take you there!

Is English widely spoken in Iceland?

All Icelanders are required to speak Icelandic, Danish, English, and one other choice of language. Iceland even boasts a 99.9% literacy rate, and university education is free except for books. Because of their supreme focus on education and literacy, English is extremely widely spoken in this country.

What is there to do outside the city of Rekjavík?

The southern coast of Iceland is very sunny and breezy, making it the ideal spot for outdoor activities and adventures. Fly fishing, rafting, and glacier hiking are all possible. You can take a 4-wheeling Jeep over lava fields or horseback ride on the special-gated little Icelandic horse as well.

What is Reykjavík like?

Over half of Iceland’s population lives in its capital city of Reykjavík. The city is modern, clean, friendly, and easy to walk. Despite being the capital of Iceland, the city has no skyscrapers. The weekend boasts a plethora of nighttime activities, but the week is generally quiet.