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As one of the first European countries to open its doors to the west, Hungary welcomes visitors to explore its varied cuisine, beautiful wine regions, and exotic thermal hot springs. Choose between visiting Budapest along the Danube River in world-star hotels and accommodations or seeing the remote country villages full of folk art and inspiring culture. If you are looking to see Eastern Europe from a unique perspective, travel by water on a quiet riverboat cruise, and spend quality time with your party aboard a floating luxury. Learn more with us!

Do I need a Visa to enter Hungary?

No, U.S. citizens do not need a Visa to enter Hungary.

What are the thermal baths like in Hungary?

The baths are beautiful. The thermal baths are typically around 101 degrees Fahrenheit and can be enjoyed year-round. Visit during winter to bathe and relax while snow falls around you.

Can I do a river cruise through multiple countries?

Absolutely! River cruise itineraries vary and can be custom-tailored to your preferences with the help of our advisors and partners.