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Known as the “Horn of Africa,” Ethiopia is home to rich, ancient culture. Fossils are embedded in the landscape and live symbiotically with the present local culture. See churches sculpted within the land’s rockface and learn about the ruins populating the area. In addition, as the oldest country in Africa, tour the various UNESCO World Heritage sites there. Through a Brownell luxury travel specialist, you can add Ethiopia to your tour through Africa and learn what is possible. Broaden your understanding of the world, and let us take you there!

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What wildlife can I expect to see in Ethiopia?

In the southern portion of the country, the more typical animals usually associated with Africa can be found. This includes mammals such as lions, elephants, antelope, and buffalo. However, Brownell recommends using an expert guide, as the wildlife is not easily found and tends to be really wild. Because of the scarcity of these animals, the real takeaway from the south is the culture. Your advisor can arrange for a total cultural immersion tour to meet some locals and tour their awe-inspiring villages and artwork. In the north, birding is king. With a plethora of species, this area is a birder’s paradise. Many species found are endemic and totally unique to this diverse land. Other land animals, such as zebra, baboon, and gazelles, can also be found here.

What is the weather like in Ethiopia?

The country’s climate can be divided into two major sections. Northern Ethiopia boasts a temperate and generally moist climate, mostly due to the Simien mountains in this area. The southern portion of the country is must drier and much more rugged. With little rain and natural waterways, Southern Ethiopia tends to be very arid and features sub-tropical temperatures.

What is the local currency, and will my credit card work?

The local currency is the birr, and notes are issued in denominations of 1,5,10,50, and 100 birr. The most widely accepted credit card in Ethiopia is American Express. Primarily, the only places that will accept credit cards are major hotels and a few big restaurants.