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A wonder just a stone’s throw away from the southern coast of the United States, Cuba is a one-of-a-kind destination that draws a great number of visitors every year. Due to a tumultuous history and several trade embargoes, much of Cuba’s everyday life looks as though it is from the past. Classic cars line the streets, and historic architecture can be found around the country. However, the recent development of large-scale tourism offers modern luxury resorts and more. A unique experience for all, learn about how you can visit Cuba with our experts!

Is Cuba safe to travel?

Given Cuba’s history with the United States, many believe it may be unsafe to travel. However, Cuba is safe to travel, and a large tourism industry continues to grow throughout the country.

What is there to do in Cuba?

Take a ride along the coast in a classic Cadillac, stop to try a famous Cuban cigar, or indulge in a Salsa class to learn more about the culture. If you’re interested in the history of Cuba, visit Guantanamo Bay, and stroll along the squares filled with authentic Spanish colonial architecture.

What is the official currency of Cuba?

The official currency of Cuba is the Cuban Peso. This currency cannot be exchanged outside of the country, and some establishments prefer dollars or euros.