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Croatia is a destination of profound beauty, as if straight from the paper of a postcard. Spend time along the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and fill your itinerary with beautiful beaches, tasty cuisine, and of course, exceptional wine. Visit striking architecture from the coasts of Split to the Roman ruins dotting the landscape, or visit one of the ten UNESCO World Heritage sites and various well-preserved antiquities. Croatia invites travelers to relish in its beauty, mystery, and rich history whilst being changed by unforgettable memories.

Is Split a popular destination?

Yes! Split is the second largest city in Croatia, next to Zagreb. It lies along the Adriatic Sea over a central peninsula to create an environment of coastal beauty. One of the backdrops for the infamous Game of Thrones television series, Split, is worth the journey!

What is the official currency of Croatia?

The official currency of Croatia is the Croatian Kuna. Although some shops will accept euros, you will receive Kuna in return. You can buy Kuna in advance outside the country or at ATMs around cities.

What is the best way to travel throughout Croatia?

It is recommended you spend time in Croatia in order to be able to visit multiple places. You can ferry from island to island or a private driver if you are traveling along the coast.