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The island of Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Located off the coast of Indonesia, you can find friendly locals, Hindu culture, stretches of beautiful rice fields, cozy beaches, and a lush jungle. Truly a place like no other, Bali is also one of the most affordable destinations. A destination for travelers of all ages, Bali is a great option to relax, reconnect, and explore the island by trying new things and experiencing vibrant cultures. With one of our experts, find the best Bali has to offer and get inspired!

How do I get to Bali?

While every trip is different, most travelers must connect in Singapore to reach the island of Bali.

What is there to do on the island of Bali?

Bali is known for its lush landscapes and relaxed atmosphere. It is very romantic and a perfect honeymoon getaway in Indonesia. They have a huge focus on artistic traditions—and Brownell can help set up private excursions and activities, so you feel totally immersed in the local culture. Since almost everyone is Hindu, the island boasts nearly 20,000 temples!

Do I need a visa to enter Bali?

Yes! All U.S. citizens must obtain a visa before entering Bali, which is a province of Indonesia.