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Vibrant cultures, cuisines, and experiences greet travelers in Asia. A continent of diverse heritage and history, Asia is home to a variety of opportunities. Our luxury travel advisors are experts in areas from niche villages to large cultural centers around the continent. See the bustling markets of Bangkok or experience the colorful displays of Tokyo, where you can immerse yourself in local culture. Discover what is possible through on-site tours with our partners or learn more about independent travel via first-hand experiences from our team.

Advisors Specializing in Asia

Kirsten Morrison

Kirsten Morrison Travel
Seattle, Washington

Mimi Lichtenstein

Owner, Custom Travel Advisor
Hanover, New Hampshire

Kiki Hoener

Dallas, Texas

Jessica White

Owner, Luxury Travel Advisor
Richmond, Virginia

Deborah Knighton

Independent Travel Advisor
Richmond, Virginia

Lawson Rothgeb

Lawson Luxury Travel
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Vicki Upchurch

Vicki Upchurch Travel
Basalt, Colorado

Pascale LeJeune

Certified Adventure & Luxury Travel Advisor
Seattle, Washington

Catherine Whitworth

Independent Travel Advisor
Athens, Georgia

Shelley Rapp

Rapture Travels
New York City, New York

Sarah Groen

Houston, Texas

Rebecca Falkenberry

Independent Luxury Travel Advisor,
Tampa, Florida

Bowden Sarrett

Independent Travel Advisor
Mobile, Alabama

Samantha Murphy

Murphy Travel Designs
Dallas, Texas

Jessica Walker

Independent Travel Advisor
Boulder, Colorado

Jane Braun

Independent Travel Advisor
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Amy Biondi

Biondi Travel
Alexandria, Virginia

Hayden Miller

Independent Travel Advisor
Austin, Texas

Caity Connors

Independent Travel Advisor
Rumson, New Jersey

Andrea Schubiner

Wanderful Journeys
Detroit, Michigan

Abbay King Lovell

Abbay’s Escapes
London, England

Karen Lee-Ishmael

Independent Travel Advisor
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Kiersten Murnane

The Curatour
Atlanta, Georgia

Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy Travel
Tampa, Florida

Helen Jordan

Jordan Luxury Travel
Phoenix, Arizona

Sandy Grodsky

Owner, SG Travel Advisors
Greenwich, Connecticut

Michael Gaughen

M & L Travel
Atlanta, Georgia

Kimberly Denison

Denison Travel
Meridian, Mississippi

Nick Running

Nick Running Travel
Nashville, Tennessee

What is the best time of year to visit Asia?

The best time to visit Asia is between the months of April and July. At this time, the tropical storms have departed and the weather has become more favorable to tourists.

Do I need a visa to visit Asia?

Myanmar, Vietnam, and China require visas before arrival. Ask your travel advisor for advice when getting important documents, such as these, in order.

Why should I visit Southeast Asia?

Asia is full of diverse cultures, sites, and things to do! Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites or learn about a new palette of cuisine from locals!