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Coated in brilliant white ice, magnificent glaciers, and an exhibit of a habitat untouched by human life, Antarctica is a foreign world that holds the possibility for life-changing adventure and education. Although cross-country skiing and sub-zero tent dwelling are certainly within the realm of possibilities, cruises are also an excellent choice for those looking to keep luxury top of mind.

Combine the comforts of home with the allure of a small-vessel exploratory expedition to see icebergs up close, native whales breaching the surface, and more.

What is the recommended way to travel to Antarctica?

Our luxury travel specialists recommend embarking to Africa via a luxury expedition cruise. Our amazing partners offer small-group journeys tailored to your interests, as well as itinerary activities up close with the natural landscape and wildlife.

Do I need permission to go to Antarctica?

Tourists do not need a permit to visit Antarctica. Antarctica is protected by the Antarctica Treaty and is therefore preserved for peaceful and scientific use.

What is the best time to visit Antarctica?

The best time to visit Antarctica is during the Antarctic summer between the months of November to March. During this time, you will see Antarctica’s wildlife and benefit from up to 24 hours of daylight.