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Jim Journigan

After a twenty six year career at one of the highest rated Platinum Country Clubs in America, Jim began a new journey, capitalizing on his creative talents, passion for travel, and lifelong desire to be of service to others. As an Executive Travel Coordinator with Martha Rhodes Travel, he looks forward to leveraging the experiences he has gained from a lifetime of travel adventures and sharing them with others.

Exploring the world has been a part of Jim’s life for as long as he can remember. When he was young, friends would enquire about his whereabouts, and the response was generally, “he’s on a Jim adventure”. Though Jim is now grown up, that wanderlust for adventure, exploration, and world travel is still at the core of who he is. Based in Virginia, he has been fortunate to visit much of America as well as numerous foreign lands, making memories and building friendships that will last a lifetime.