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Jim Journigan

After a twenty six year career at one of the highest rated Platinum Country Clubs in America, I have begun a new journey, capitalizing on my creative talents, my passion for travel, and my lifelong desire to be of service to others. As an Executive Travel Coordinator with Martha Rhodes Travel, I look forward to leveraging the experiences I have gained from a lifetime of travel adventures and sharing them with others.

Exploring the world has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was young, friends would enquire about my whereabouts, and the response was generally, “he’s on a Jim adventure”. I’ve grown up, but that wanderlust for adventure, exploration, and world travel is still at the core of who I am. Based in Virginia, I have been fortunate to visit much of America as well as numerous foreign lands, making memories and building friendships that will last a lifetime.