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Alejandra Martinez Serrallonga

Travel Coordinator

I grew up in a small town by the seaside in sunny Mexico. Soon after getting my degree in Business Administration I wanted to experience different countries, so my first opportunity to travel abroad happened  when I got a job at Disney in Orlando. When my one year contract with Disney ended I still had the travel bug, so I applied to work on board cruise ships, first  as a retail assistant and soon after I was working in the  shore excursions department. Then, the pandemic hit the travel industry and  I started working from home in different roles : in sales, customer service and HR.

Now, I am a happy wife and living in Serbia. I am a fitness, strength (kettlebell training) enthusiast and a healthy lifestyle supporter, also a real foodie. Usually, I daydream about creating my own side hustle and maybe help others to improve their physical and mental lives as a part time hobbies/job. So when I’m not at the office (my living room) you can find me playing with my cats, training almost every morning and planning my next trips!. I’m a strong believer that a  healthy lifestyle can be projected in every relationship: personal or professional, so I try to take with me my morning practice throughout the day in order to feel more centered and to relate to others in a healthy manner.