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When traveling by rail, the train isn’t merely a mode of transportation, it is the an experience unto itself! Train travel is unique in the fact that you can experience all the luxuries of a resort or hotel, but you’re constantly on the move.

Our partners in train travel know how important comfort and luxury are to our discerning clients, so they ensure top of the line service and quality in their vessels. Some trains even feature glass top vestibules that allow for 180 degree views so you feel as if you are gliding through nature as you enjoy the comfort of the inside. Or, for a breath of fresh air, you can step out onto outer platforms for picturesque views that will be remembered for a lifetime. Other amenities include first class dining, highly trained staff, and luggage transfers to each destination along your journey so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your baggage at each stop.

Popular routes include Western Canada, Scotland, and iconic European routes. Since this type of travel is about “getting there,” the trains move at minimal speeds in order for you to soak in the scenery around you. Then, each afternoon, the train will stop at a specific destination for an overnight stay. Here, you will be treated to only the best accommodations coordinated by your Brownell Advisor and can choose to take advantage of outdoor pursuits, spa treatments, or just dining and relaxation. After a night or two at each destination, be prepared to board your luxury rail transport again to continue on your journey through the vast wilderness of your choice.

To get started planning your customized train excursion, contact your Brownell Travel Advisor today!

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