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There is a reason that people return to Africa again and again. The ever-changing landscapes, the miraculous wildlife, the people, the pace. It gets into your heart and will always draw you back. The African safari specialists at Brownell visit this spectacular continent each year to experience the amazing adventures that the very best African safaris have to offer so they can design life-changing safaris for our clients. Our Africa travel advisors have unparalleled first-hand knowledge of the lodges, camps and experiences waiting for you in the diverse countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Seychelles and South Africa. Escorted travel or a once-in-a-lifetime safari with private guide – let our experts make your “Out of Africa” dream a reality.

Why Travel to Africa?
The best African safaris bring you closer to your travelling companions and leave you with a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife conservation. Our travelers are deeply moved by the interaction with native tribes, the peacefulness of the bush, and discovering and observing animals in their natural habitat. These incredible experiences are the result of our African safari experts working closely with South, West, or East African safari touring companies to create incredible once-in-a-lifetime itineraries and memories!

Planning Your African Safari
The sheer number of East African safari touring companies is a good indicator that there is something special about the region. We work with only the most reputable and respected tour operators in the region. Why? You’re investing your most precious assets (time and money) to have the trip of a lifetime – we take that responsibility very seriously. You do not want to pick an online itinerary for a country like Namibia, Zambia or South Africa, as escorted travel is varied and you can not be sure of the safari experience you will have. Our travel advisors that specialize in African safaris work with each client to carefully craft an itinerary that exceeds their expectations and allows them to have a truly life-changing experience. Details are king when planning a trip to Africa. Everything from animal migration patterns, to the appointments in the camps and lodges, to a checklist for packing for an African safari, to the type of airplane that will be most comfortable for your group are paramount to an ideal experience. Only the very best Africa travel advisors have the knowledge and expertise to recommend and plan complicated Africa itineraries and the best African safaris. By working with a Brownell Travel Advisor, you can rest assured that those details and more will be handled with the best of care.