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Arts and Theatre

The performing and visual arts of different cultures are a huge interest to consider when choosing your travel destination. Whether you desire to see the world-famous Opera House in Paris and make your way through the massive collection of the Louvre or view the impressive frescos that adorn some of Italy’s finest buildings, arts and theater are vital parts of the destination you are visiting. Without an appreciation for a foreign culture, one can never truly immerse themselves and fully understand the local people.

Through the performing and visual arts, you can discover much about a country and its inhabitants, thus learning a greater appreciation for the world around you. If you’re in a more Empire State of Mind, New York City is the place to be to visit the multitude of museums and stop by a Broadway show and experience firsthand the most famous theatrical performances in America.

Whichever destination you choose, your Brownell Advisor can book museum tours, private guides, and special seats to plays and operas through our network of Virtuoso travel partners across the world. The benefit of these private guides is that they can open up doors for you that are not available to the average traveler because when you experience arts and theatre with Brownell, you’re experiencing anything but average!