Winn Harris - Independent Travel Advisor

Winn Harris

Independent Travel Advisor


Winn Harris

Winn Harris joined Brownell in 2014, and her excitement about travel is simply contagious. She thrives off of the beginning stages of planning when she works closely with the client to research all of the options for the trip. Winn listens carefully to understand the client’s passions and interests so that she can incorporate those into the trip. She loves to be a full-service advisor for her clients, planning not only the hotel and flight but also finding the very best restaurants, tours, and experiences at the destination.

Qinn QuoteWith a background in interior design, Winn is extremely detail and design oriented. She can find beautiful properties that fit the client’s unique needs. Once the destination and property are selected, Winn dives head first into the logistics of the trip, leaving no stone unturned. She works diligently to work out the small details so that the client can fully relax and enjoy the trip.

Winn has traveled extensively in the Caribbean and the United States, but no destination is beyond Winn’s resources. As a mother of two, Winn enjoys planning family trips for individual families as well as several traveling together. She also likes planning honeymoons and other special occasion journeys where she can organize extra special surprises for her clients.