Wayne Bartinikas - Independent Travel Advisor

Wayne Bartinikas

Independent Travel Advisor


Wayne Bartinikas

For the past 23 years it has been Wayne Bartinikas’ expertise in international air that sets him apart from other travel advisors.  After attending school and living abroad, Wayne started work in the travel industry as a corporate agent.  His attention to detail and meticulous follow-through proved invaluable to his clients in making sure their travel plans maximized their business opportunities.  In recent years, Wayne has shifted his focus to leisure travel but continues to apply his expertise in booking air for each client’s trip so they can focus on their destination and not get bogged down in getting there.

Wayne Bartinikas quoteHis knowledge of airports, airlines and their schedules means that every client is assured they will have the best travel plans – getting them to and from their destination with little stress and big value.  His personal commitment to their travel means that he follows up on each and every flight his clients are on, often solving problems caused by airline reschedules or weather before the client is even at the airport to find out about them.

When Wayne is not navigating the complex world of flight times and airport connections he enjoys relaxing on luxury cruise ships and letting the captain do the navigating for him as he explores new destinations.  He loves talking with different passengers and hearing about their adventures from around the world.

Travel Specialties: Affordable Large Ship / Classic Cruise, Luxury Cruise, Premium Cruise, Independent Travel, International Air