Tisha Neufville - Founder and Independent Travel Advisor

Tisha Neufville, CTA

Independent Travel Advisor

Tisha Neufville, CTA

Tisha’s passion for travel began at a young age … with parents of Jamaican heritage who took her on their journeys around the world. After riding a camel through Giza and exploring the Khan el-Khalili market during a family trip to Cairo, 16-year-old Tisha Neufville realized the life-changing effects of travel. Her adoration for all things travel related flourished while venturing around the world for 16 years as a global qualitative researcher exploring the links between cultures, brands, and advertising for brands ranging from startups to Fortune 100s. She thrives on seeing and experiencing the world and has always been the go-to travel resource for her friends and family.

As an independent travel advisor with Brownell, Tisha works with clients to create so much more than a simple itinerary.¬†Whether it’s a relaxing getaway, a deep-dive into a new culture, or a return to a favorite destination, she uses meticulous research to design trips which help people travel in a hassle-free way, gain a deep appreciation for a culture, and create lifelong memories.

Having visited over 40 countries, Tisha has extensive, first-hand knowledge of many destinations and cultures. She specializes in designing trips and providing advice for travel to destinations throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Australia/Oceania; is a CTA (Certified Travel Associate); was a 2019 Bronze IC Bellagio Italy Ambassador; and is a Virtuoso Ultraluxe advisor. Additionally, Tisha has been named a 2020 & 2021 Brownell Travel Specialist for Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Laos, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Tahiti, Thailand, US (Chicago, Desert Southwest, Las Vegas, NYC, Virgin Islands), and Vietnam.

A significant portion of Tisha’s business involves planning extraordinary journeys through Northeast and Southeast Asia. She lived in Asia three times (including twice in Japan), studied Japanese culture extensively in college and grad school, traveled to Japan a couple of times a year during her previous career, is now a Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master through the Japan National Tourism Organization, is on the Virtuoso Advisory Board for the upcoming opening of a new hotel in Tokyo, is a member of PATA (the Pacific Asia Travel Association), and has made repeat visits to almost every country in Northeast and Southeast Asia. As a result, Tisha has a wealth of knowledge about this wondrous part of the world and is poised to design an exciting journey through almost any country in the region!

Tisha holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Sociology from Yale University and Columbia University respectively.

Travel Specialties: 

Cultural Activities; Food, Wine, & Spirits; Adventure Trips; Honeymoons; Anniversaries; Birthdays; Family Travel; Beach Destinations

  • CTA (Certified Travel Associate)
  • Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master through the Japan National Tourism Organization
  • Jamaica Travel Specialist through the Jamaica Tourism Board
  • Certified Peru Agent through Peru Tourism Authority