Stephanie Locke - Operations & Technology Coordinator

Stephanie Locke, CTA

Travel Coordinator


Stephanie Locke, CTA

Stephanie Locke discovered her true passion for travel after trips to South Africa, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. Fueled by a desire to see more of the world, Stephanie turned her passion into a career and joined Brownell in 2014. Prior to Brownell, Stephanie was a Human Resources professional and developed a keen ability to listen to individuals and understand their needs. She translates that skill into the travel world by carefully listening to clients so that she can help craft the perfect travel experience.

Stephanie Locke QuoteEach client is different, and each trip taken serves a unique purpose. Stephanie loves working with clients to understand their specific needs.  She works to anticipate every detail so that the clients can focus on the excitement of the upcoming trip. She recognizes that travel can be truly life-changing, and aspires to make every trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stephanie has a strong sense of adventure, and she loves working with clients who share her excitement for exploring other cultures and discovering adventures around the world. 

Certifications: CTA