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Sarah Groen

Independent Travel Advisor


Open QuoteWe could not be happier to have planned our trip with Sarah. She thought of activities and off the beaten track destinations we would never have considered.  The entire process was such a pleasure, I would recommend her to anyone!End Quote-Pam  L.

Open QuoteSarah planned a holiday trip for us to Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Every detail was taken into account!End Quote-Kenny L.

Open QuoteSarah helped my family to plan a surprise birthday trip for my father. It was all so well thought out, it couldn’t have gone better.End Quote-Adam L.

Open QuoteI run a startup and I have about zero time to dedicate to planning a trip. The information out there is so overwhelming! I worked with Sarah to plan my honeymoon and it was one of the most amazing experiences. She took all the trouble out of planning and made the trip so enjoyable for my husband and me.End Quote-Vu V.

Open QuoteI was a little nervous to visit India, but it has always been on my bucketlist. I worked with Sarah to plan a trip that was two parts luxury, one part adventure. I went hiking in Ladakh and did homestays in small villages, and also was treated like a VIP on my visit to the Taj Mahal.End Quote-Ashley M.