Rene Alldredge - Vice President of Operations | Brownell Travel

Rene Alldredge, CTA

Vice President of Operations

Rene Alldredge, CTA


Rene Alldredge found her calling in the Travel Industry at an early age. She was born and raised in Northern Maine, and moved to Birmingham in February of 2005 to be closer to family. She began her career at Brownell at the reception desk and quickly realized she had found the industry, career and company to call home. After a few months at reception, she accepted the position of Leisure Travel Assistant to Meg North, Executive Vice President. 

In October of 2009 took on the role of Operations Coordinator working in several areas company-wide such as Hosting, database maintenance and training, new hire training, as well as organizing and planning special projects. In October of 2012 Rene was promoted to Operations Manager to also handle network management, database management, ticketing and branch operations support for all three Brownell branches. In December of 2013 Rene’s role expanded to that of Director of Operations and in 2018 she was promoted to Vice President of Operations.

Certifications: CTA, Birkman Trained Consultant