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Randie Rosenberg, CTC

Independent Travel Advisor


Randie Rosenberg, CTC

Born to renaissance parents, Randie Rosenberg found herself hurtling down the Pan American Highway at the age of 8, riding in the family station wagon to the Panama Canal. At that time, the Pan American Highway was mostly a dirt road south of Mexico. Three weeks, 9 flat tires and other curious adventures later, the family was home in Alabama. Perhaps this was Randie’s inspiration to become a travel advisor later in life, as she remembers thinking, “There must be a better way!”

Randie-Rosenberg-Travel-QuoteMore than twenty-five years as a travel advisor has taught Randie that success lies in attention to detail and personal preferences, strong communication skills, an open mind, and traveling. A naturally curious person, Randie learns as much from the experiences of her clients as she does from her own travels. A well-crafted trip offers a combination of excitement and relaxation; discovery and time to reflect. Randie gets satisfaction from really understanding her clients and constantly challenges herself to find joyful experiences for every traveler she works with.

While Randie specializes in Central American trips, she also has traveled throughout Europe, Australia, Alaska, the American West, and the Caribbean. Her ‘favorite’ destination is often the one from which she just returned. Randie enjoys adventure and cultural travel, but she can also be happy lounging on the beach.

Certifications: CTC

Destination Specialties: Costa Rica, Europe

Travel Specialties: Friends & Family, Light Adventure