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Pascale LeJeune

Independent Travel Advisor


Pascale LeJeune

Pascale LeJeune has been in the travel business for more than 18 years. Having lived in Belgium for 24 years, she has extensive knowledge in the European areas of Spain, Italy, France, the Czech Republic and more! Pascale’s love for travel began during childhood, with frequent ski and snowboarding trips to the Alpes, and continued through college, where she studied Tourism and Languages. Fluent in 5 different languages, Pascale worked in Europe as a scouting specialist for adventure travel before joining Brownell as an Independent Travel Advisor.

Pascale LeJeune quotePascale looks at every trip as a blank white canvas. The more she listens to clients and learns about them, the more she discovers. As she discovers more about her clients, the canvas begins to fill in until ultimately together they create a colorful travel masterpiece. This process is her favorite thing about being a travel advisor and her passion for travel grows exponentially with every trip she plans!

From experiences in local cultures in Portugal to an eco-adventure in Costa Rica, Pascale can find the right vacation for all different types of families. Her vast experience and attention to detail allows her to put together fantastic vacation packages that not only suit her clients’ budget, but have her clients raving about how wonderful the trip was.

Certifications: ATC, Aussie Specialist, DS, Certified Adventure Specialist

Destination Specialties: Mexico, Western Europe, Mediterranean, Hawaii, China

Travel Specialties: Adventure, Family, Cruise-Small Ship