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Pam Baugh


Pam Baugh


Pam Baugh was nine years old when her family went to the New York World’s fair in 1964. This trip laid the foundation for her love of traveling with family and exploring the world. She became a science and biology teacher, and her interest in travel led her to apply for the NASA Challenger mission in 1985. She was selected as one of the two teachers to represent Alabama and still hopes to add a space stamp to her passport.

Pam enjoys strengthening relationships as she travels the world with loved ones. She and her husband have explored the coast of Turkey, the vineyards of Italy, the history of Israel and Jordan, and many other destinations. A mother of two, Pam has fond memories of reading Harry Potter around the campfire in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. From her travels she believes there is no greater adventure than understanding the stories and places you’ve traveled and thus better understanding yourself.

As an Ambassador, Pam strives to connect people who share her desire to learn about new places and cultures with Brownell. Because of her interests in literature, science, history, and art, she can help customize a trip to each clients’ interests. Pam knows the questions to ask and how to research the answers so that every trip is personalized.

When Pam is not traveling, she is very involved in the community. She taught science and biology for 27 years and can still be found explaining nature to young kids wherever she meets them. After retiring from teaching, Pam because a docent at the Birmingham Museum of Art. She loves having students to work with and enjoys combining art and science in her tours. She is also a bee keeper and has a sunflower farm near home.