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Michelle Cowell

Independent Travel Advisor


Michelle Cowell


While growing up in San Diego, Michelle Cowell experienced shopping for groceries in Mexico and camping on the coast of Baja California, and an awareness of different cultures was instilled in her at an early age. She and her family lived in New Zealand for two years and have ventured around the world together. Michelle has a natural curiosity for exploration that translates into bespoke trips for her clients.

Michelle’s attention to detail, resourcefulness, and desire to help others allow her to plan trips that families, friends, or solo travelers will remember and cherish for many years. She enjoys listening to her clients and understanding exactly what their desires are for a particular trip so she can then create trips tailored to their unique needs. Michelle believes the more one sees and experiences, the more one’s life is enriched.

Michelle graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Anthropology and has studied and taught yoga since she was 16. From road trips in California to adventures in Southern Europe and Morocco to traversing through Southeast Asia the minute she graduated, Michelle was hooked on travel. She has worked in diverse fields such as Adventure Guiding (White-water river guide) and Human Resources. Her own experiences and her desire to have the best travel network led her to join Brownell Travel as an Independent Travel Advisor in 2014.

Destination Specialties: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific

Travel Specialties: Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Skiing, Fly-Fishing, Cycling, Hiking, Surfing, Luxury Cruising, Expedition Cruising


  • Backroads Inside Track
  • Tourism Australia Aussie Specialist
  • Uncruise Adventurist

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